Water & Wastewater

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The Madawaska Valley Water and Sewer Department is committed to serving the needs of Madawaska Valley residents, businesses, and visitors by providing high-quality drinking water and wastewater disposal services while providing for future economic growth via progressive planning; implementing water conservation measures; safeguarding public health and the environment; and providing for continuous process improvements and cost efficiencies.

Water/Wastewater Rate Information

Water Rate $4.68 per cubic meter (By-Law #2020-27)
Wastewater Rate $5.01 per cubic meter (By-Law #2020-28)

Minimum Quarterly Bill (see below)

Water (WATM) $70.20
Wastewater (WWM) $75.15
Total $145.35

Minimum charges are calculated based on quarterly minimum consumption of 15 cubic meters. If consumption is less than 15 cubic meters, bill will be based on minimum charge.   If consumption is higher than 15 cubic meters, bill will be based on actual consumption.

General Information:

  • WATM – Metered Water Charge
  • WDF – Water Disconnection Fee
  • WWM – Metered Wastewater Charge
  • WRD – Water Reconnection Fee
  • WDR – Water Debt Retirement Charge
  • MRF – Meter Reading/Final Billing Fee
  • WWDR – Wastewater Debt Retirement Charge
  • SERV – Service Call Fee

Water/wastewater accounts may be paid at the Municipal Office (85 Bay St.) via Cash, Cheque or Interac. In addition, payments may be made by any of the following methods:

  • By mailing a cheque or money order to 85 Bay Street, Barry’s Bay, ON K0J 1B
  • In person at most financial institution
  • By cheque in the drop box located on the outside of the Municipal Office
  • On the Township’s website using the E-Pay option
  • Telephone or online banking, via your financial institution

To pay by telephone or internet banking, search for ‘Madawaska Valley Water’or ‘Madawaska Valley Utilities’ as the payee.   Please use the following digits from the roll number.  (Example of full water/wastewater account number 028 025 12345 00).  Please note that, if paying more than one bill,  you must set up a separate payee for each account number.

Bank Account Number to Use
BM Drop the 1st zero and the last 2 zeros (eg 2802512345)
CIBC Use all 13 digits
Credit Union Use all 13 digits
RBC Use all 13 digits
Scotia Bank Use all 13 digits (add 2 zeroes at the end if necessary)
TD Use all 13 digits

E-Pay for PayPal

When paying by cheque or money order, please note the account number on the front of the cheque.  If a receipt is required, please either bring the full bill with you or, if paying by mail, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Payments must be received no later than the close of business on the due dates to avoid penalties.  If paying by mail, the taxpayer assumes responsibility for late arrival.  A penalty will be charged if payment is received after the close of business on the due date.

Penalty and interest is fixed at a rate of 1.25% per month. Penalty and interest will accrue on unpaid taxes commencing on the first day of default and also on the first day of each calendar month thereafter.  If you are in tax arrears at the time of billing date, and the arrears remain unpaid before the first due date, there will be 1.25% interest added to the installment amount.  Payments received will be credited towards penalty/interest first and then to the oldest taxes owing.

Accounts are payable in Canadian funds.  Payments received in US or other funds may be subject to an administration fee.

The Municipality of Madawaska Valley uses CivicWeb to manage Water and Wastewater associated documents. Please visit our dedicated documents portal on madawaskavalley.civicweb.net.

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