Clubs, Groups & Committees of Council

There are many wonderful community associations, organizations and groups that all contribute to the well-being of the Madawaska Valley. We encourage you to support as many as you can throughout the year.

  • Barry's Bay BIA (Business Improvement Association)

    Barry's Bay Business Association LogoThe Business Improvement Association was established in 2016 to oversee the improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally-owned lands, buildings and structures in the area, beyond such improvement, beautification and maintenance as is provided at the expense of the municipality generally, and the promotion of the area as a business or shopping area which is stablished in By-Law 2016-108.

    The mandate of the Board of Management for the Barry’s Bay Business Improvement Association (the Association) is to:

    a) Carrying out studies, preparing reports and undertaking projects or initiatives to encourage business and commerce in the Area;

    b) Encouraging and promoting commercial business development and encouraging entertainment, sports and cultural activities within the Area in furtherance of its economic and commercial welfare in the Area;

    c) Creating a pleasant physical environment within the designated boundaries;

    d) Improving and beautifying streets, sidewalks or municipally owned land, buildings, parks, visitor centre or other structures in the Area.

    The Association is the voice of the business community in the downtown of Barry’s Bay and is committed to improving and promoting the area through investment and advocacy to maintain its position as Barry’s Bay shopping, business and entertainment destination.


  • The Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee

    Barry's Bay Recreation Committee LogoThe Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee is a Committee of Council that seeks community input in order to provide leadership and guidance in the development, promotion, awareness, and enhancement of recreation for the Barry’s Bay Area, and throughout the Township of Madawaska Valley.

    Under the auspices of the standing committee responsible for Recreation, the Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee will address and provide input into matters related to:

    • Recreational programs and activities offered through the Recreation & Community Development Coordinator and other agencies under the auspices of and funded by the Township of Madawaska Valley.
    • Conceptual planning and development of Barry’s Bay recreational facilities.
    • The development of agreements that provide for the usage of the facilities.

    The Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee engages in fundraising activities to assist with:

    1. new capital projects related to the existing recreational facilities (including, but not limited to the Ball Fields, Arena and Parks), and/or
    2. recreational programs, events, and/or activities proposed by the Barry’s Bay Recreation Committee, that are endorsed by the standing committee responsible for Recreation and receive the approval of Council.

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  • Carson, Trout, Lepine and Greenan Lakes Association

    The CTLGLA are dedicated to the preservation, protection, and health of Carson, Trout, Lepine and Greenan lakes, surrounding lands, wildlife, and ecosystem and serving the interests of the property owners on these lakes.

    Visit them online at

    Facebook: Carson Trout Lepine & Greenan Lakes Association


  • Combermere Recreation Committee

    Address: 1095 A Farmer Road, Combermere, Ontario.

    Combermere Recreation Committee consists of a group of local citizens supporting recreation programs and events through volunteering. The Committee provides recreation to the area with various events and activities throughout the year. Volunteers are always welcome. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun!

  • Kaszuby Cottagers’ Association

    Kaszuby Cottagers’ Association has been founded to retain, promote and improve the interest, security, safety, health and enjoyment of the quality of life of the registered property owners in the Kaszuby community on Wadsworth Lake, Dam Lake, Campbell Lake, Kuiack Lake, Franks Lake, and Halfway (Long) Lake and to ensure the continued level of property values by protecting the environment and maintaining an effective contact with local municipal authorities and other agencies.

    Visit them online at

  • K.A.P.O.A. (Kamaniskeg & Area Property Owners Association)

    KAPOA serves the interests of property owners on Kamaniskeg Lake and the Madawaska River, between the Bark Lake and Palmer Dams. They focus on the well-being of the lake, river and the natural surroundings.

    The Association attends to matters such as water quality and levels and forestry. For almost 40 years, they have hosted an annual regatta.

    If you are one of the roughly 400 property owners along the Lake and River, you are invited to join as a member so you can add your voice.

    KAPOA’s mission is to help property owners preserve and protect the Lake Kamaniskeg waterway (running from Bark Lake Dam to Palmer Rapids dam) and surrounding land, wildlife and eco-system.

    The early roots of KAPOA started in 1971 with the first regatta. KAPOA was incorporated in 1980 as a not-for-profit organization.

    Visit them online at

  • Killaoe Community Resource Centre/Toy Bus

    Mail: Box 59 Killaloe ON K0J 2A0
    Phone: 613 757 3108

    The Community Resource Centre (Killaloe) Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation established for the following goals:

    To work toward a future in which everyone has access to the connections, opportunities, supports and services they need to live full lives in vibrant, sustainable rural communities.

    They offer innovative holistic programs to support children, youth, adults, seniors and families to learn new skills, build on their strengths, access supports and services, and work together to nurture positive individual and community growth.

    The Toy Bus is a free program geared to children ages 0 – 6 years. It provides an assortment of learning centers that are set up to encourage children to explore, create, and stimulate the senses. Opportunities to share, take turns, listen and express feelings are built into the program. Healthy snacks are provided. Come check it out!

    Toy Bus visits rural communities every week so parents and children can get together with others living in similar situations. The aim is to provide social support for parents/caregivers and an opportunity for small children to interact with their peers. The mobile nature of our program makes us a great “co-location” for others, and the Renfrew County and District Health Unit brings its Child Health Clinics out on location with us on a regular basis.

  • Lëpùsz Twinning Committee

    Lëpùsz Twinning Committee Logos

    The Lëpùsz Twinning Committee was formed to promote and preserve the Kashubian Culture and Heritage between the Township of Madawaska Valley and the Township of Lëpùsz .

    A new profound friendship between the two Townships’s has been established with the support of citizens and officials for the purposes of cultural and historical education exchanges. In recognition of this special relationship, each community desires to document and solidify its commitment to each other.

    The Lëpùsz Twinning Committee will foster mutual understanding in such areas as art, culture, language, education, history and sports to help in the cause of strengthening relations with fellow communities.

    The Lëpùsz Twinning Committee encourages the involvement of individual citizens and community groups in the twinning relationship to develop a spirit of co-operation and creating strong bonds of friendship.

    Declaration on Cooperation (June 28, 2015)

    “With regard to the common past and present contacts binding the communities of Lëpùsz Commune and the Madawaska Valley, the common language, cultural and heritage of the Kashubia, we would like to undertake activities in order to establish partnership relations between our communities.

    By establishing partnership relations we would like to maintain the bond of the Canadian Kashubian with the land of their ancestors, contributing to the sustaining the Kashub language and customs. Through direct contacts of our communities, we strive to preserve the Kashub identity of the inhabitants of the Lëpùsz Commune and Madawaska Valley.

    We declare cooperation in the social, cultural, education and tourist fields.

    We believe that establishing the cooperation will enable our communities to get to know each other better, to share experiences in cultivating Kashubian culture and promote our local homelands.”

  • Madawaska Valley Alcoholics Anonymous

    Phone: 1- 888- 214-0473

    Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism..

    For Meeting Locations / Times, or to Leave a Message for someone from the Madawaska Valley District #78 Area Alcoholics Anonymous to call you back.

    Note: When the Announcement is playing Pressing # (the Pound Key) will jump straight to the “Leave a Message Voice Mail In Box”)

    Church of the Epiphany, Barry’s Bay

    Meetings held every Friday at 8:00 pm.

  • Madawaska Valley Friendship Club

    Address: 1095 A Farmer Road, Combermere

    For more information contact Margaret Wadja at 613-756-0141

    • The Madawaska Valley Friendship Club welcomes everyone in the community to join.
    • Once a month members meet for a potluck meal followed by a social get together, sharing thoughts, ideas, playing cards or other activities.
    • The Madawaska Valley Friendship Club offers a book club and quilting/craft club.
  • Madawaska Valley Horticultural Society

    The Madawaska Valley Horticultural Society Community believe gardening is a way to preserve and restore the natural environment which helps to create a quality of life that is accessible and sustainable for our community. Volunteers are always welcome.

  • Madawaska Valley Lions Club

    The Madawaska Valley Lions Club is one of the Valley’s biggest service club, made up of a group of community members volunteering their time to improve the community. Established in 1953, they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for both local and international projects helping others. Annually, they organize the Madawaska Valley Santa Claus Parade and a St. Patrick’s Day Event. Through numerous fundraising efforts they have donated thousands of dollars to the St Francis Memorial Hospital, the MV Food Bank, the Valley Manor Nursing Home, the Madawaska Valley and Area Public Library, several Madawaska Valley District High School projects, and many other well-deserving recipients. The Lions also make donations to provincial, national, and international programs.

  • Opeongo Seniors Centre

    Located adjacent to the Water Tower, Stafford Street, Barry’s Bay

    Phone: 613-756-0554

    The centre is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am. to 4:00 pm. Members are welcome to drop in for a chat, cup of coffee, a game of cards, or to use the library or access our WiFi. A volunteer host is on hand while the centre is open.

    In addition, there is a full program of activities throughout the week, including popular members’ dinner and entertainment which is also open to guests.

    All of these activities are possible because of the work of our dedicated volunteers.


  • Ottawa Valley Tourist Association

    The Ottawa Valley Tourist Association (OVTA) is a non-profit organization designed to stimulate and promote tourism in Renfrew County.

    Their goal is to create a presence in the tourism marketplace. In order to position the Ottawa Valley as an interesting and popular travel destination in the minds of travelers, a joint effort among tourism suppliers and OVTA’s dedicated tourism staff is required.

    Cradled between the Ottawa River and Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario’s Highlands, the Ottawa Valley is a place steeped in culture where you can immerse yourself in our unique blend of heritage and outdoor recreation. We are Ontario’s Adventure Playground. With more than 2.4 million hectares (6 million acres) of pristine waterways, rolling woodlands and forests, our river and trail networks challenge and test the might and mettle of every explorer to our region.

    Renowned as the Whitewater Capital of Canada, the Ottawa Valley is home to more than 900 lakes and four major river systems, including the mighty Ottawa, Madawaska, Bonnechere and Petawawa rivers. We invite you to raft, kayak, canoe, surf and fish in our water bounty and explore and discover our rocky, rugged, serenely dramatic and breathtaking landscapes.

    For adventure and exploration, a romantic getaway or family holidays, let the Ottawa Valley be your playground.

  • Palmer and Area Lions Club

    The Palmer and Area Lions Club host Bingos and Events at the Combermere Community Centre. They are made up of a group of community members volunteering their time to improve the community.

  • Paugh Lake Property Owners Association

    The Paugh Lake Property Owners Association supports the rights and interests of property owners on Paugh Lake working with the membership and Township in a respectful and cooperative manner. We also act as stewards for the lake’s environment and ecosystem with the objective of maintaining its health and beauty for future generations.

    Contact email:

  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch 406

    Barry’s Bay 250 John Street, Barry’s Bay

    613 756 3018

    The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 406 is an association for veterans and their families and members of the community.


  • Snow Country OFSC District 6

    The Township of Madawaska Valley is located in Snow Country OFSC District 6. The Opeongo Snowbirds Snowmobile Club and the Peterson Pathfinders Snowmobile Club are a group of dedicated volunteers that groom over 170 km of snowmobile trails within the Township


  • Stationkeepers MV

    Address: 19503 Opeongo Line, Barry’s Bay

    The Station Keepers MV, based out of the Barry’s Bay Railway Station, is a group of volunteers who share a mission to stimulate and foster community interest, participation, and involvement at all age levels in cultural activities that reflect the heritage of the Upper Madawaska Valley area and its inhabitants. They are committed to the preservation and enhancement of the Railway Station and Water Tower Park located in Barry’s Bay.

    To learn more about the Stationkeepers or to become a member, visit their website.

  • Wilno Recreation Corporation

    Address: 5 Shalla Street, Wilno, Ontario

    The Wilno Recreation Corporation supports recreation and programming in the Madawsaka Valley for the residents of the Wilno area and beyond. A large group of volunteers support recreation and events through Moccasin Dances, Outdoor Rink Events, Recreation Lending Hubs and more! Volunteers always welcome.

  • Wilno Heritage Society

    President: Peter Glofcheskie

    Wilno is the oldest Polish settlement in Canada and is also known as Canada’s Kashub Heartland.

    The area was initially settled in 1859 by Polish immigrants arriving from the Kashubian region of Poland. Over a century and a half, these strong-willed people and their descendants have laboured and thrived in this still distinctly Kashubian region of Canada. The Wilno Heritage Society applauds the efforts made by these pioneers and commemorates and celebrates Canada’s unique Polish Kashub cultural heritage.

    Although the Polish Kashub culture can also be found in other parts of Canada, Renfrew County and in particular Wilno, Ontario (Canada’s First Polish Settlement) are recognized as the “central core” of this culture.

    The little hamlet of Wilno is located just 150 kilometers from the Nation’s Capital (Ottawa, Ontario) and 50 kilometers from world renowned Algonquin Provincial Park. This pristine area of the northern part of Central Ontario, is a beautiful location rich with Polish Kashubian cultural heritage.

    Mission: To commemorate the past, recognize contributions by our ancestors, to support and augment existing Polish language studies for our students, and to preserve the Kashubian customs and traditions.

    Since its inception in 1998, the Wilno Heritage Society has embarked on a number of projects designed to commemorate and celebrate the Polish Kashub Culture in Canada including the building of Heritage Park in the Village of Wilno, museum displays, heritage reference library and resource centre, educational projects (most popular Kashubian Embroidery Lessons), presentation discussion series, and Kashub Day in the first weekend in May.