Watermain Flushing Scheduled for Week of May 7

Watermain Flushing Scheduled for Week of May 7

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) will begin the spring watermain flushing program beginning May 7 2024 and ending May 17 2024. Flushing will take place between 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM daily within the Village of Barry’s Bay.

This semi annual maintenance program is designed to remove sediment accumulation within the watermains in order to maintain good water quality in the distribution system. This maintenance may result in temporary inconveniences including discoloured water and lower than normal water pressure.

The low pressures are due to turning hydrants on and off and should only be intermittent. OCWA recommends avoiding water use when crews are flushing in your area. It is also recommended that users run a COLD water tap for a few minutes each morning to clear any discoloured water from your plumbing should you experience low pressure or discolouration.

It should be noted that discoloured water and lower than normal pressure can occur at the site of flushing or several blocks away due to changes in flow and direction of water flow. It is impossible to predict which locations or the extent of the customers which may be affected.

We appreciate your patience while the flushing program is completed.