Release of Lakeshore Park Concept Plan

Release of Lakeshore Park Concept Plan

The Township of Madawaska Valley has released the Lakeshore Park Concept Plan, created to guide development over the park for years to come.

Illustration of potential development at Lakeshore Park
Concept for Lakeshore Park Development

The plan was created over the course of several months in 2022, and included input from residents of the community, as well as operational and recreational staff at the Township. The purpose of a concept plan for redevelopment at Lakeshore Park is to provide a practical road map for park redesign to be utilized by the Township over time in order to renovate, upgrade and improve the overall appearance and functionality of this popular waterfront landmark. The plan addresses the following:

  • Increased functionality, accessibility, and beautification of the space
  • Increasing tourism opportunities available to residents and visitors
  • Solutions to continued undesirable presence of Canada Geese
  • Solutions for drainage issues and insufficient parking in the area
  • Creation of a “climate-smart park”
  • Be shovel ready for funding opportunities to address recommendations throughout the plan

“The plan’s purpose is to help guide development and be shovel-ready for grant opportunities. Time and money has been invested into the Park over the past few decades, but we wanted to pause on initiatives that didn’t follow any particular plan and ensure we had a clear focus and vision. This plan will provide a guide for Township staff to develop the park over the course of many years, and will be instrumental in applying for grant funding,” says Recreation and Community Development Coordinator Hannah Gutoskie. “It also provides us with a way to fix issues at the Park that we hear about often from our residents, particularly as it relates to our Canada Goose population, lack of sufficient or safe parking, and drainage issues in the playground area. We’re excited that over time, this spot can become a landmark worth stopping in at, or making a special trip to visit.”

To read the entire report, please click the following link: Lakeshore Park Concept Plan – Final Report. Please direct any questions regarding the report to Hannah at