Announcement on the Closure of the Mission House Museum

Announcement on the Closure of the Mission House Museum

Staff has notified the Combermere Heritage Society and the landlord that the municipality will not be renewing the lease on June 2, 2022. This museum has been operated by and curated by a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers involved with the Combermere Heritage Society for many years, and the Township is eager to continue to support this group as they transition away from the operation of a museum in the existing building we know as the Combermere Mission House.

A number of issues have arisen over the past few years that have made continuing to operate a physical building a challenge, this includes the requirement of a substantial financial investment in the building over the next two years, COVID forcing the closure of the museum for much of the past two summers, and a general decrease of visitors to the site.

Despite these challenges, the Combermere Heritage Society remains focused on its goal to celebrate and engage others about Combermere’s past, and the Township remains committed to supporting their goal. The Society has created new ways to share its multitude of knowledge and artifacts, including new social media pages you can find at the links below.

If you or someone you know have lent artifacts to the museum, please get in touch regarding their return. The Society is actively looking to return as many items as possible to their original owners prior to May 31. If you have lent something that you do not want back, please also let the Society know. Please contact Hannah at or 613-756-2747 ext 220.

The Society remains an important and valued Committee of Council despite this change in their operations. Not renewing the lease is closing the door of the building not the relationship with the Combermere Heritage Society and the need to continue to preserve and share Combermere’s vast heritage.

Find the Combermere Heritage Society on Facebook as Combermere Heritage, or on Instagram @CombermereHeritage. You can also check out a tour of the museum on Youtube.