Household Hazardous Waste Day


Aug 19 2023


Paul J Yakabuski Community Centre
65 Arena Rd, Barry's Bay, ON K0J 1B0, Canada


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Automotiveand Garage Products-antifreeze, transmission fluid,batteries and battery acid, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, motor oil, autowaxes, automotive fluids.

HouseholdCleaning Products-ammonia based, chlorinebleach, disinfectants, drain cleaning agents (acids and bases), oven cleaners,window cleaners

Paintsand Paint Related Materials-please DO NOT mix latex andoil based paints. Latex paint, oil based paint, furniture and paint strippingagents, driveway sealers and roof patch, brush cleaners, primers, stains,varnishes, wood preservatives, linseed oil, wood stains, varsol and solvents

Pesticidesand Garden Products-flea collars and sprays,mothballs, roach and ant poisons, arsenicals, fungicides, fertilizers,insecticides, herbicides, molluscicides (snails & slug bait), rat and mousepoison

MiscellaneousProducts-aerosols (empty containers as well), thinnersand turpentine, dry cell batteries (disposable and rechargeable), propanecylinders, BBQ lighter fluids, fluorescent light tubes and bulbs (unbroken),photographic chemicals, pharmaceuticals (medicines and expiredprescriptions)nail polish & polish remover, thermometers, thermostats andswitches, glues and adhesives, pool chemicals and bleach (DO NOT MIX)-pleasekeep chemicals separate from other chemicals. Sharps-place in a rigid plasticcontainer (needles only).

NOTACCEPTED –commercial, industrial or institutionalwastes, radioactive materials, explosives, fireworks, ammunition, biologicalwastes, PCB wastes, helium or Freon tanks or unknown waste.

**Old electronics and tires will not beaccepted at this event**

Pleaseleave materials in their original containers and pack items securely in yourvehicle to avoid mixing or spillage.

Formore information, please call 613-756-2747 (Madawaska Valley) 

Additional info on the above mentioned materials areavailable at: