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The Township of Madawaska Valley is proud to promote their local businesses and make their online and general contact information available to assist in efforts to support our local economy.

The website link below offers a business directory of businesses in the Township of Madawaska Valley as well as

 • Algonquin Park to Eganville and
 • Round Lake to Quadeville.

Basic Listings are FREE!  Send your business information – name, phone number, and a brief description – to

The website also provides “Local, and visitor information for Barry’s Bay and the area east of Algonquin Park is full of information about what to see, what’s happening, and where to find things. And it’s easy to find the info you want.


The Municipality of Madawaska Valley uses CivicWeb to manage associated documents. Please visit our dedicated documents portal on

Support, resources and publications for businesses during COVID-19 can be found here.

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