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Madawaska Valley (MV) Monthly Business Update

The Township is eager to connect with, support, and promote local businesses, and a part of that is sharing the updates, grant information, business programs, and more that may pass through our office. In response, we have created the MV Business Update, a newsletter to share with the business community here in the Madawaska Valley.  We encourage you to subscribe below to receive important information such as grant updates and local business-oriented news.

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Rural Rewards

Madawaska Valley, in partnership with other local municipalities, is a proud member of the Rural Rewards program. Under this program, customers complete a rewards card when they shop local and are entered to win a monthly gift certificate to the local business of their choice. This program is 100% municipally funded, and local businesses are not required to donate anything or pay to participate. To learn more, check out our 2022 Information Sheet!


Algonquin East Business Directory

The Township of Madawaska Valley is proud to promote local businesses and make their online and general contact information available to assist in efforts to support our local economy.

Algonquin East Business Directory offers a directory of businesses in the Township of Madawaska Valley as well as:

  • Algonquin Park to Eganville
  • Round Lake to Quadeville


The Municipality of Madawaska Valley uses CivicWeb to manage associated documents. Please visit our dedicated documents portal on

Support, resources and publications for businesses during COVID-19 can be found here.

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